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An associate member is an individual who supports the Latin American Motorcycle Association but may not have the time to fulfill the requirements of a chapter member. The associate member has the privilege to participate in all L.A.M.A. activities hosted throughout the world. Associate members are members at large and do not wear "colors" but wear the distinctive International Member's Association Patch and yearly renewal rockers. 

Cassio "Shooter" Menezes


Con LAMA desde 06/2012

Alex "Kickstand" Vallejo

Con LAMA desde 06/2015

Jimmy Briones

With L.A.M.A. since 02/2023

IMG_9160 3.PNG

Marco Vilaseca

With L.A.M.A. since 07/2022

IMG_9160 3.PNG

pamela agustin

Con LAMA desde el 06/2020

IMG_9160 3.PNG
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