Antony "M.I.A." Gardiner

Antony Prez.jpg

With LAMA since 10/2011

Ride a 2001 Harley Heritage Springer

I joined because, I was searching for a motorcycle organization that represented community values and supported diversity. I love to ride and I love the comradery that this association exuberates. I now have a large family of Brothers and Sisters that are worldwide.  Who could ask for more?

Patricio"Chilly" Geldres



With LAMA since 10/2014


Pedro (Pete) "Don Pepe" Martinez

Pete Martinez (Secretary) aka Don Pepe -

With LAMA since 3/2016

A native of the “big red” country state of Nebraska, I began riding with LAMA-DC in April 2013. Since then, I have been riding with this “family” as a guest, an Associate, a Member, and now as an Officer. I immensely enjoy LAMA rides and the brother and sisterhood this Association offers. My riding philosophy is: “Ride all you can, while you can” because, there is going to be a day when we will be unable to ride. Viva LAMA-DC ! ! ! 


Doug "Taz" Ousterman


With LAMA since 11/2009

I joined, because of their family values and belief of giving back to the community. This is a lifestyle for people who love to ride and be part of a large family.

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Al "Chicago" McMurtry

Al McMurtry aka Chicago and Wife.jpg

With LAMA since 7/2018

I joined LAMA, because it is a motorcycle club that has family values.  My  spouse Cinthia (Cin City) Martinez  joined in 2020,  because she wants to support me in my motorcycle journey. 


Pablo"Chef" Villacis


With LAMA since 1/2016

Ride a  VStar 1300

Have always loved motorcycles but never had the chance to own one, until 2014, when I bought my trusty bike. and ever ince then, I'm an active member of the club.